Property of…

Revenge-Thriller Feature Screenplay

A tenacious female tattoo artist must rescue her kidnapped daughter from a drug kingpin who is going to sell her in 2 hours but when the dark world of human trafficking gets deadly, she risks losing everything. 


Family, betrayal, evil, sacrifice, power – this single location micro-budget thriller has a compact cast with great franchise potential.” 

Human trafficking is pure evil.

And Jasmine Rodriguez is going to stop it – at least in her corner of the world which is Phoenix, Arizona.

Jasmine’s mother was trafficked as a sex slave. And Jasmine was born during this time. She still feels the lingering pain of her late mother.

But Jasmine also feels tremendous gratitude that her grandmother stepped in and protected her from the same fate.

It’s this legacy of grandmotherly kindness that motivates Jasmine to advocate for girls that are currently in the same predicament.

Now, when the girls are in captivity, they are tattooed with –

“Property of…”

Underneath that is a list of people who are allowed to abuse them.

Jasmine helps these girls escape and regain their dignity by removing the tattoos. 

But she unwittingly angers a female drug dealer who sells these girls. Jasmine is ruining her “inventory”, so she kidnaps Jasmine’s daughter in retaliation. Then the drug dealer takes over Jasmine’s shop as a temporary place to do business.

Now Jasmine must help this woman sell drugs and no longer remove tattoos or her daughter will be sold. But by helping to keep her daughter safe, Jasmine facilitates the abuse of countless others. This dilemma is the driving force for the movie.

Fighting to protect your child is a universal theme but condemning others to slavery by doing it is tragically unique. This never-before-seen storyline is what sets this film apart and makes the characters interesting to watch.

And this is when we feel for Jasmine. Everyone has been trapped by fear at some point. Now we truly relate to her.  

This is when Jasmine’s daughter comes up with an idea. And this is the same girl Jasmine has sheltered and protected thinking she’s not savvy enough to navigate the adult world.

But now it’s her time to shine.

Spoiler. Jasmine’s daughter fakes her own death thus freeing Jasmine from the bonds holding her back.

In a climactic fight, Jasmine kills the villain then gets a heartwarming surprise to find her daughter is still alive. Now Jasmine has achieved her external goal of defeating the villain and fulfilled her internal need for saving her daughter. And she gets to continue her mission of rescuing those still in bondage.

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